Plantas Purificadoras de agua

Plantas Purificadoras de agua
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lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

1. They taught us how to bring our business, 2nd. We were taught to use Internet, 3rd. Now we are taught to lead. Do you not see that it is for our good?

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And it is than anything else, but few countries can boast of having a Government that makes father with citizenship, and the best part is that it is always for our sake. Like our parents when we were a few kids told us: "when you are greater so you will understand", in this case, only missing a large sign in which a message is displayed: "When you're a Minister or Governor so you'll understand".

The purpose of any country is to move forward and of course, what less than demand in times of economic recession, which take care of our pockets. And that is what they are doing, even though some are badly designed and created this are mere tax measures. What things have some! but for that we are here to make the reassuring message that everything is in our interest.

1. Told us how to bring our business.

Always bearing in mind that is in the interest of the employer, the law smoking has benefiado to the employer, landlord, which tends to be ungrateful to not see a very simple message: "less smoking customers, fewer personnel will need and thus save on insurance".

This is not no madness, because now the host employer will have more time for his family to have been reduced his clientele by more than 30%. For those who are critical of this measure, you must admire the fact that while the rate of unemployment in our country, have been looked at by our health even knowing that unemployment may increase this measure.

It should be noted that they have been that the smoker who does not take coffee in the bar, now virtually no smoke, moreover, probably leaving the habit to enjoy best places of entertainment.

2. We were taught to use the Internet.

The law Sinde is another measure that few people has been able to appreciate, and is that in times of crisis, where any citizen is a great I margin going to the movies, with this measure is that the people can not enjoy your connection to the internet (with one of the highest prices in Europe)to develop another type of more healthy activities and encourage consumption.

For example, instead of being able to enjoy a good film in your own home, now that you are not consuming holding back the development of the economy, with this measure is intended to come out to eat, for example to the bar in the corner and so you do company to that landlord has been reduced his clientele because of the law anti-smoking, although if you are smoker... well, anyway... now you will happen to do something with your time free.

3. We are taught to lead.

All the measures which the State makes for our sake (and never thinking about the collection, that it is clear) this is which could be less understood is you're criticizing, since you must recognise that at 120 km/h on Highway (that you're a danger to the public) not only your economy is affected more by consuming some 0.10 euro cents more than 100 km, but at 110 km/h brings more relaxed giving you time to you a cigarette while driving, so you take advantage, because as soon as you get off the vehicle you can smoke (although I am not clear if you can or not smoking while driving)

You've heard in some rebellious of this new speed reduction Act, that this does not help anything in consumption, that perhaps the solution to having such powerful cars, would reach 140 km/h speed limits and improve roads alreadyprecisely in the motorways is where fewer accidents occur on the urban and interurban routes.

Also hear that the solution would have been electric cars or vehicles with alternative fuels, those Governments banned the placing on the market to not affect the big oil companies.

These "insumisos" tend to think that if after a measure that it runs for our sake, has added an enforceable penalty, believe that they are only tax measures.

In most cases, the character conspiranoide of these people may be due largely to boredom that produces the fact of not being able to watch a movie at home and not frequenting bars to not be able to smoke in them.

We can see you recently when they are "saving" in his vehicle on a trip from Andalucía-Madrid to 110 km/h. There is where they have time (long time) to think that all this is for our sake.

Which country can boast of having rules that although always go against the majority of Spaniards, do so for our sake? I am eager to see what is the next thing I teach.

"When you're a Minister or ruler you will understand how difficult it is to fill the coffers of the State with some steps and make the citizenship which is for the good of them to think"

(thinking of the subsonsciente of Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba)
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