Plantas Purificadoras de agua

Plantas Purificadoras de agua
Inicie su negocio exitoso

lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Figures of Mark Zuckerberg. Demand before by Facebook.

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From the creators of the controversial figures of Steve jobs, MIC Gadget has now brought this funny figure where we can see to Zuckerberg looking their "flip-flops" Adidas, his unmistakable jacket with hood and a smiling face while sample button "I like" (I like).

Knowing Zuckerberg and the very sense of humor when it is infringement with commercial object, I am sure that in the next few hours he will set to all your legal department to work incessantly to make them withdraw these figures and create an unforgettable demand.

In this case, Zuckerberg not only looks to violated the trademark rights, but the image, so these figures with a reasonable price of 69 dollars could cost dearly to the company, although it must be acknowledged that Mark zuckerberg out highly favored.


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