Plantas Purificadoras de agua

Plantas Purificadoras de agua
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domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

How to sell your business idea to a possible investor. The search for financing.

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We continue with the biggest problem that has an entrepreneur to take forward its idea of business: finding funding for the development of the project. On other occasions we have talked about that much of the problem is in the business, which may not be professional or detailed plan.

Now, you can have thought the business of the century, that if you don't sell your idea so that the investor will sound attractive, you don't really have anything. Works in the same way if the investor that you go is a private, Bank, fund investment or company dedicated to investing in projects. Everyone wants to know the same, indeed, behind all those questions that will make you, only want to know an answer a specific question, which is: "how much will win, when cobraré and what risk I have at the time of investing in that project"

It is for this reason that in our blog I mezclé both themes such as that of entrepreneurs and investors, as I believe that both to invest, you must have entrepreneurial skills and to undertake you should know about investments. In the latter case, it is clear that if you careces financial education, it would at least be advisable to let yourself advise by anyone specialized.

Once you think both as an entrepreneur and investor, you know in advance when you are looking for funding for your business idea, there is no guarantee that everything will go smoothly. You know, the investor knows. In this picture of distrust is when you use your business skills, still the best strategy above all other... lto sincerity.

The investor really what he wants to hear, although you sounds like a crazy, is that nor you know if your business idea will have success or not, but that you esforzarás to get it. These words would supposedly cause fear to the vast majority of investors, but the reality is that they show good sense, and there are still people who prefer invertir in a sensible individual and not a "seller of smoke". That the investor knows that you are also going to risk the idea part of your capital, helps to build trust.

The investor will want to know what people are involved in the project, number of members, number of investors and of course, the history of each one of them. That's why that you surround yourself with the right partners. (How to choose a partner for your business).

The investor will want to know when it will recover its investment, of how pay you and how much will be gained at the end of the deadline. It is so that you will beforehand have done the correct numbers to demonstrate the viability of your business and if such return is possible to take it to pay the interests (where exist) of the investment. A way to give confidence and involve in your project is part of your company's stock.

If at any time you want to distribute among your investors, believe that it does not lack that will tell you that you always maintain a minimum 51% on your power.

I am sure you will find 100,000 tips and techniques on How to sell your business idea to an investor, but believe me if I tell you that at the end it ends by investing in the person and not in the project, so have to convince investors that you are a person in which it is worthwhile to invest. You are ambitious, honest, sincere, hard-working and you can provide an experience and knowledge in an area unknown to the investor. If that person sees this type of qualities, you've won 70% of your trust. The rest will make your presentation of the business plan.

Remind investors that no one can guarantee 100% success of an idea.

However, always think about what you would like to listen to tí as an investor to invest in a business, in which you know in advance that you run a risk.

In summary:

Get ready answers to questions that you know that you will make.Prepare a professional and comprehensive business plan, although simple and detailed.Be sincere, today and seen, honesty is appreciated.Surround yourself professionals and people valid to show confidence.Put yourself in the place of the investor. This will make you change the "speech" If you do not get after several meetings with investors andncontrar financing for your business idea, ever give, the more profitable companies that exist today were those that in the beginning nobody bet nor a euro for them.Tweet

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