Plantas Purificadoras de agua

Plantas Purificadoras de agua
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martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

Presumed guilty. Censored or not Mexico, Internet wins the battle.

Tweet sharing . That the Court of Mexico system has some gaps it is no secret, and that the police have a high percentage of corruption is not "discover America". Mexico is released with a hard documentary brought to the big screen, "Presumed guilty", where several journalists recorded all the appeal of a prosecution of an innocent boy. In this documentary you can see that Mexico is not needed a reason for going to jail, and in fact, anyone can enter. Only requires that several policemen you trapping and say that "you have been you". From the moment you enter prison, you're already guilty, because there is the "presumption of innocence" in Mexico, or at least held to practice.Well, while the film shows how justice, recorded in real time, a judge is opposed to its dissemination and wants to censor the film, which has led to the "Streisand effect". Not have been talked about censorship, this film had a great expectation in Mexico, but in other countries would have been a movie. Wanting to censor the film, has awakened the international situation of Mexico interest, when something you want to censor it is because it is going to tell the truth about something.Some Spanish pages have already spoken of the censored film and have put at the disposal of Internet users, which I do not see ethics for now, since it has not been censured it, and this film deserves due revenue from the big screen, that these journalists have literally risked their lives to publicize the situation of the judicial system.The bottom of the message is clear, and that in this digital age, no matter you're a judge or the Government itself. The more you strive in trying to cover up the truth, with more force be distributed. In one way or another, by hook or by crook, the truth crosses the ocean in a matter of minutes.So if you want to see this documentary where observers a few corrupt policemen, a trial of "schoolyard", an innocent face 20 years in prison and a dismal justice system, do not miss.And as a personal dedication to the judge who wants to censor the truth about a corrupt system, only wish you eventually have to invest some of their capital in medicine to alleviate the lack of awareness.Note: The film has been hung by a user on youtube, where only doing the search "presumed guilty" you will find available (for now)...Tweet

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