Plantas Purificadoras de agua

Plantas Purificadoras de agua
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lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Entrepreneurs social: financing your project through Momentum Project.

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BBVA and ESADE create momentum Project, a plan to support new initiatives, original and innovative designed to bring about social change.

We will define a entrepreneur social as a person that doesn't move him interest economic tradenames and looking for a meaningful and lasting social change with his innovative idea. With the creation of momentum Project, BBVA and ESADE seek these entrepreneurs capable of recognizing a social problem and as a result of this problem, create, manage and develop a business plan to bring about a social change.

The call for the 10 best initiatives of social entrepreneurship that will participate in momentum Projectwill be open until March 18.

After being elected, the entrepreneur will perform a program of training carried out by ESADE and will feature all the necessary support of a team of mentors. Throughout the program, also focused on attracting of financing is valued at € 50,000 for each of the projects.

So if yours, as well as an economic benefit is also to receive a human benefit, this is your chance. Tweet

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