Plantas Purificadoras de agua

Plantas Purificadoras de agua
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lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Credit cards: the greatest enemy of the saver.

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In a future article will analyze each and every one of the credit cards, even having differences, most have something in common, and it is that they are the worst enemy of a person who wants to save and 80% of cases, they areto cause number one of a family's economic problems, although curiously, few people realize this, even being drowned financially.

In more than one occasion you will be assaulted in the street, shopping centres and even your own bank to give you high card of credit "without costs and commissions". Lie!, that does not exist.

Credit cards They are distinguished by taking 4 pages of small print, a small print that if you read it and above all, if you are able to understand it, be never capable of activating your credit card.

No fees. You will find a section where it says in the small print: "no fees during the first year and must perform at least 2, 3, 5 a year" must monitor the interest, in some cases this card can cause an interest of around 30% (bordering on usury).Obviously all card carries an amount of maintenance that is around 70-100 euro / year, depending on type of card and accepted credit.These points are the least important, is in reality, what you should be very clear when you activate a credit card, really you don't have a card, but a personal credit with interest rates that cover the total of the debt quota.Translated into Spanish, if you let you carry by the low interest rate of 3% on your card, it is not problem if you only have a debt of 100 euros. the problem is when upload the debt to 2, 000-3 000€. You probably think that if your card debt amounts to 3,000€, with a 3% interest, pay only € 90. And indeed it is, unless observers that once you pay the 90€ on your card is recharged about 40€. That's why that financially to this product is called the "endless payment".And finally, as andstas cards function as a personal loan, if not to meet the payment, according to the clause of your signed contract, could be generating daily interest rates against you worth up to € 40 newspapers in concept of demand for payment, interests of delay, etc, etc, etc...United States opened a case against credit companies, because their sales strategy was looking for people who have already had cases of non-payment, so sought to offer the credit of a card to a family which in a few months could not to meet the payment of the fee for which ESA form, could receive up to 750% more than what they themselves had to pay, so it was much more profitable for the Bank or credit institution a delinquent than a good payer.Say that at trial not reached nowhere, since even knowing what was happening, nobody can prove anything or did not want it to demonstrate. However, if you want to have a sound economy, forget the credit.Buy only when you have the money to pay in cash, or when they try to cards which you abonas the total debt next month, but never a payment postponed.It is estimated that only in Spain there are activated more than 25 million cards, which if we put a cost of maintenance of € 1, we have EUR 25 million in benefits, of course, that the cost of maintenance of a card is not 1€, but about 70-100€ more the Commission that charge you the establishment where pay with the card, are talking about one of the many profitable banking business at the expense of the consumer.Tweet

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